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WordPress vs Blogger Fight Between WordPress and BlogSpot

WordPress vs Blogger ( : Who is better for you ?

In blogging carrier or as a newbie blogger it is always confused which platform to choose? Among the two popular or most famous blogging platform Blogger and WordPress. Which one is better or suits for your blogging carrier. Blogger and WordPress both have many advantages and as well as disadvantages. Some free features and some paid features. it’s always confused which platform is much better, which platform you should follow or which to kick out. Thus in this article I will assure you that which one is much better and which platform suits you.

As my blogging carrier I started with the, I still have many blogs on blogger platform but choice WordPress as winner there are lots of features and cool things which you can do with your self-hosted WordPress blog which you can’t do with, In WordPress the limit is your imagination, if you are new in blogging, want to learn and don’t want to invest money then it’s really good to start your blog on BlogSpot but want to run your blog for long time and making serious blog or as business then its highly recommend you to go with self-hosted WordPress. There are many reasons and pinpoint which making you sure that which one is better? So in this fight we going through the rounds and announced the winner.

wordpress vs blogger

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Round 1 :

Control Over Your Blog Ownership plays very well roll after all its your blog. Talking about BlogSpot is owned by The Google its hosted by them whenever your blog reports as spam blog  or under DMCA report google can delete your blog without give you any warning even you add custom or top level domain to your blog. It is very common now a day there are many blogger facing this types of problems. Where in self-hosted WordPress blog the control over to you always.

So, In this first Round Winner Goes to WordPress 🙂 Blogger 🙁

Round 2 : SEO Give Your Blog Some Level

When your blog is not having some level or not Search Engine Optimized then it’ nothing. Traffic it is what the blogger wants the life line of your blog. If there is no reader or visitor of your blog, then it means nothing. Comparing BlogSpot vs WordPress, where BlogSpot has limitless SEO setting and take time for your blog to have some level where WordPress have unlimited SEO setting option third party SEO setting option which gives your blog some level and make your blog search engine optimized and help to boots your traffic.

So,In this Second Round The Winner Goes To WordPress 🙂 Blogger 🙁


Round 3 Make Money with Google AdSense

As blogger you might be here the word Google AdSense the number one ad network in the world. Turn your blog in to business the AdSense is the best way to make money from your blog. Every blogger wishes to get approved google AdSense but on BlogSpot its take time to get approved or there is less chance because AdSense have some strongly guidelines the structure of your blog SEO and etc. which is limited in BlogSpot. But in self-hosted WordPress there is more chance to get google AdSense Approved in very easy way.

So in the Round 3 winner goes to WordPress 🙂 BlogSpot 🙁

Round 4: Create Quality Post SEO Optimized

The content of your blog matter a lots. Comparing BlogSpot and WordPress, In BlogSpot creating post its little while confusing and its less optimized for SEO, there is no more option or setting for SEO. While in WordPress the creating post is very easy and you can make SEO friendly post and boots your traffic.Another plus point for wordpress is that WordPress have many SEO optimization plugins which help you to gain traffic in your blog.

So in the round 4 winner goes to WordPress 🙂 BlogSpot 🙁

Round 5: Plugins Widgets Community support.

In WordPress the plugins play very well role for make your blog cool and search engine optimized. In BlogSpot there is limit of your widgets and some features, while in WordPress there is only limit is your imagination there is millions of plugins which helps your blog to have some level as well as the community support of WordPress is awesome if you have queries or need help you can ask freely in WordPress forum.

So in the round 5 winner goes to WordPress 🙂 BlogSpot 🙁

Round 6: Theme Customizing Setting and Templates

An User friendly Theme of your blog play very well role for more reader or visitor, where in blog the customizing setting option not much cool or understood as well as not much user friendly for newbie. But in WordPress the customizing setting option is cool easy to understood and easy to customized your theme. As well as in blogger there is many templates also which is plus point but there is also many free or cool paid templates for WordPress also.

So in the round 6 winner goes to WordPress 🙂 BlogSpot 🙁

Rounds 7 Social Media Review

There are many blogger debits on BlogSpot and WordPress on respective social media Delicious, Reddit, Facebook community. They also suggest for WordPress no one love BlogSpot also they are migrating their blog BlogSpot to WordPress. Support by WordPress, they also updating WordPress regularly and give many cool feature to your blog where BlogSpot very few update.

So in the round 7 winner goes to WordPress 🙂 BlogSpot 🙁

The Only Weakness of WordPress is that you have to pay money for your hosting, your domain and for your templates. Where BlogSpot is free and only pay for your domain name. But it is worth to invest your money on WordPress because WordPress help you to make more money and it’s make your investment double.

Wrapping Post 🙂

So in the fight between BlogSpot and WordPress the Winner goes to WordPress, and I also suggest you self-hosted WordPress, there are many reasons even is also on self-hosted WordPress. So, I hope your confused will be clear now and also clarified that which platform suits you. Thus if you found that this is article is helpful share it with your friends, family, colleague on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and other social media.

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