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What Is A Backlink in SEO and What Are Advantages of Backlinks

What is Backlink,Advantages of Backlink and How you get Backlink in your blog or website ?

While Talking about SEO or blog traffic there are always whispered word “Backlinks”. Keep in mind there is no matter how good your blog or website design is. Only matter is blog traffic the giant SEO of your blog. “Backlink” such a huge word which mostly used in the world for search engine optimization. Backlink the SEO terms. Many blogger or newbie don’t know about this SEO term. So, don’t worry in this article I will elaborate what is backlinks, what is stand for, how you get backlinks to your blog and the advantages of backlinks. So here let’s begins

what is backlink

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Backlinks SEO term:

Backlink are nothing but the incoming links from other website/blog to your blog. When your blog links to other blogs, it’s known as backlink. In short one blog is linked to other blog. Now a day it’s tough to get backlink and get higher ranking in respective search engine like Google, Bing, yahoo etc. Let’s more elaborate which related to backlinks which is very imported before you do backlink.

Link Juice (Refer Image): First take a looked in the following Image which is the example of Link Juice and how its work to your blog/site.

Link Juice Backlinks Terms

Link Juice help you to get higher rank among other web pages’ links. When any web page link to any of your article as well as to your content, it will permit the link juice and this kind of link juice will help you get more rank of your content and that particular article. Not just enough your domain will also improve among other blog/website. As a admin the all rights upon you, you can control the link juice also stop passing. You can stop permitting other link with nofollow tag. With this tag you can stop passing the link juice.

Do-follow link: another SEO term which related to backlinks. In your blog content/article all the links are do-follow links by default, and this do-follow tags will pass the link juice. Mean it will follow this link which tags under do-follow as name say it will work like.

dofollow link vs nofollow link

Nofollow Link: Totally opposite of do-follow link. When your blog linked to other blog but the link of your blog has a nofollow tag, then that link doesn’t pass the link juice it means link will not follow anymore. Nofollow link not much useful for getting rank of your particular post. In short in comment box there are other website’s link which are nofollow link control over by you.

Linking Root Domains: Another SEO term which refer when backlinks coming and it will land to your website/blog from a very unique domain URL. Sometime its considered as the one linked root domain when your blog linked ten time or more than.

Low-Quality Links: Be careful with this SEO term this type of low-quality links will comes from bots automated site, spamming sites, porn site adults site. When you buy backlinks be careful with this type of lower quality backlinks it will harm your blog and downgrade your blog.

Internal Links: Very common and now a day every one aware of this type of links. When from your particular post is linked other post of your same domain its known as internal links. Like in this article Read Also option or recommend post this is the examples of internal links of same domain mean referred link.

Anchor Text: Generally, any Text that liked hyperlink called anchor text, while get ranking on particular keyword anchor and backlinks will help you in that.

Advantages of backlinks to your blog for SEO

Now you very well aware of Backlinks, but why you use this kind of stuff, so here the advatages of backlinks for your blog.

In today’s era where more than millions and billions of website and blog available. Its tough to getting rank among them. From past even low-quality backlink also helped you for ranking your blog but you know Google is, Google comes with Penguin algorithm which change the whole scenario of backlinks.

If you don’t have good quality backlink, then it will not work fine. In short or example when your blog is about (niche) technology and you create backlink from other type of (niche of) blog. It will not work. You must create backlink from same niche of your blog.

Improvement organic ranking (genuine ranking) :

As I say no matter how you good design of your blog is only matter is organic traffic, ranking, keywords. With the help of backlink, you blog get better search engine ranked.

Faster indexing blog to search engine:

With the help of backlink your post or any content will indexed very fast to respective search engine like indexing to Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Its very important for new website or blog with the backlinks they will index very fast in search engine. And crawl rate of your blog will improve.

Referral Genuine traffic:

Traffic which is life line of any blog so with the help of backlinks your blog get referral genuine traffic and helps to ranked you blog.

How you get backlink to your blog

How to start getting backlinks: So,after reading half of article you very well know about backlinks and the advantages of backlinks but there is still one question in your mind and I know that how to get this type of backlinks so here some way where you can get backlinks for your blog.

  1. High-Quality Contents Post/Article
  2. Do Comment On Same Niche of your blog and to dofollow forums.
  3. Submit your blog to web directories
  4. Submit to web directories
  5. High-Quality Contents Post/Article

According to bloggers “Content is King”. I highly recommend you to focus on your contents. Write very high quality post mean unique, user friendly, easy to read, decorated, easy to understood, clear contents. With this you surely get backlinks.

Do Comment On Same Niche of your blog and to dofollow forums :-Comments is always easy way to get free backlinks for your blog. Find the same niche of your blog and do comment on which also related to your article/post. As well as do comment on dofollow forums, and try to post in forums.

Submit your blog to web directories :-There are many web directories which another easy way to get backlinks. There are many paid web directories you should also try and get backlinks from that.

Wrapping Post 🙂

So that’s it I hope with the help of this article you very well understood about Backlinks the SEO terms. For getting ranked of your blog backlinks plays very well role in that.

I always suggest blogger do backlinks and get more traffic and take your blog to some level. If you already do backlinks share your experience and the ways of get backlinks to us.If you found this article is helpful please share to respective social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc.

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