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Top 10 Ways To Earn Money Online

Top Ten Ways to Earn Money Online Easy Ways To Become Millionaires

Money is a wonderful creation of man. Every Single person need money to fulfil their basic need. Every one want to earn by do somewhat. Every single person has the fantasy to live independent life and live freely and buy what they want to buy. But as middle man it is not possible to do that things. All the money spends in buying basic need of family and etc. stuff. So, in this article I will show you top 10 ways to make money online and also earn in dollar at seating at home. Which help you to fulfill your dream and help you for your further life.

There are Many Ways to Earn Money Online but I going to show you the best top 10 way to make money online at seating at home.

top 10 ways to earn money online

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1) Create a Blog and Represent Your Idea On Blogging Platform :-

Blogging is the very easiest way to make money online. Create you blog and start blogging you can start your blog on any topic which you like mostly like photography blog, quotes blog, study blog, jokes blog, wallpaper blog ,news blog ,android blog, whatever you like and your interest on that particular topic. You can start your blog on very popular any easy blogging platform and and turn your blog into website. If you are new to blog field and don’t have much knowledge I suggest you to create your blog on because its free and very easy to create your blog like creating your Facebook profile. But keep in mind once you start blogging you must wait to earn money at least wait 3-4 months and get more traffic on your blog. There are many blogger which start their blog and after some months they stop blogging and board. But its take a time to have your blog full attention of audience and have status of your blog. Daily Update your blog, post at least one post per day, make your blog active. For more tutorial of blogging and tips keep visit to learn blogging and freely ask your quires regard your blog.

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2) Make More Money with YouTube :-

This is another simple way to make money online by creating your video and upload it on very poplar video broadcasting platform YouTube. Every one very well aware of YouTube. The most popular online video streaming website which stand on top 10 website in the world. So if you want earn some serious money this is the place. Create your original video like any tutorial video, anything which you have knowledge record it and create cool video and upload it, screen recorder helps you the most to create technology knowledge tutorial. Suppose, you have knowledge that, how to solve some PC error, some software tutorial just records it and create video and upload it on YouTube and monetize your video with Google AdSense. The Google AdSense the most highly paying ad network. You will earn money by not just clicking ad but also on your video views. There are many people earn lots of money in dollars by just creating and upload their videos on YouTube.

3) Freelancing – Become a Freelancer :-

freelancer means self-employed. Freelancing is the most desirable for who work online by their interest and knowledge. If you have knowledge of have some skill any particular topic of subject than you can do and write it for other and as reward or output you will earn money. There are many website where you can freely register and earn money.

The most popular and very famous freelancing website is where you can freely register and become freelancer of their 600 categories like programming, logo designer , article writer, data entry etc. you can surf 600 categories on click here.

And the fivver also very famous and popular freelancing website where you can freely register and become freelance and earn money in dollar. Click here for register.

4) Make Money by Doing Online Survey :-

Now a day’s survey become most popular to make money online. Every one can earn money by doing some survey. There are many websites which offer you to do survey and earn money. Here the list where you can register freely and earn money by doing online survey.


Be aware of some scam website which offer your lots of money by doing one survey and promise you to earn money.

5) Sell your hand-made Stuff/Product/things online  

In this world there are many people love to but some cool stuff which made by hand-made. If you have some skill to make hand-made goods like waste into best. Then you can sell your hand-made goods on many online stores.

The most popular online store is Etsy where you can freely register and sell your good online

6) Write an eBook and Earn Money :-

If you are good writer, then you can earn money from that. don’t worry you don’t need to write entire book. E-books don’t need to be long you just write how to do that other would want to know and shape your information in book format.

You can publish your eBook on Google, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Which offer online publishing services, you just submit your eBook and once it is approved it will be listed for sale. And you will be earning money on sale of your eBook. In this field there are many there is less chance to earn more money.

7)Sell products on eBay on consignment :-

On eBay selling consignment there doesn’t always mean that you have to sale your own product or even buy some product at all. Many retailers make a business of selling on consignment and keeping a portion of the deal price. You can do this at home or with a brick and mortar store. There is another option is to become an eBay dealing assistant and do consignment work straight for eBay.

8) Pay per click program and earn in dollar :-

In this adverting world there are many websites which offer you to register freely on their website and click on respective ads and as rewards earn some real money. Its is very simple work at home. You can google some of the websites. But make sure they are not scam because there are many website which are offer your lots of money and cheat with beware of this kind of fraud.

9) Affiliate Marketing Make Money Online :-

Very simplest way to make money online by doing affiliate marketing, In affiliate you’ll acts as mediator/middleman between the producer of the particular product and the consumer. If you promote their product and someone buy their product with your affiliate link than you will be earn some good commission. There are many website which offer your affiliate program like Amazon,Flipkart,eBay,Apple etc. online store allow you to promote their product as affiliate programmer.

You just need to register for an affiliate membership. After register, you will get a unique affiliate link where you need to send people to purchase the product. if you have website then you can promote it on your website also. Your affiliate link will have a extraordinary code that will tell the product owner that it’s you who mentioned the customer and the affiliate link code will help your commissions to be tracked properly and allocated to you.

10) Online Tuition Class and Earn Money (Teach Online) :-

It is very interesting to make money online, there are many websites which allow you to record you lessons that other people can pay to view. If you are very skilled or knowledgeable people than you must try. Then you can also participate in their forums to help other through difficult parts of their content. Revenue increase if more and more people participate in your class. is very famous website which allow you to Teach online and earn money in dollars.

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Wrapping Post  🙂

So this is top 10 way where you can earn money online. Hope you will try one of the way and earn some money. But keep in mind that in order to earn money you’re going to have to invest a lot of time and be aware of scams on the internet. If you found this article is helpful share to your friends, colleagues, family on respective social media like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter etc.

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