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How to recover lost Data Like Photo, Video, Music and other files from Hard Drive

How to recover lost Photo, Video, Music and Archive from PC and Laptop

In this tech era there are many important photos and other classifieds data which are stored on our laptop as well as on Personal computer.But the very big disadvantage of technology is the data delete or lost accidentally at anytime by you or by someone else.So for that the data needs to recovers as soon as possible as soon as fast.So in case your important data are lost and your need to recover then you’re at very right place.This article covers all the method and ways to recover lost data from hard drive.In case you lost your data from android read this.So here,how to recover lost data.

how to recover lost data

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Why Do You Need to Recover Hard Drive Data ?

There are many reasons and one of them is human errors. Human error inflicting data loss is most typical of all for instance erasing one thing we don’t mean to, or causing physical damage due to dropping of storage device. additionally, massive virus attacks are one of the factors inflicting data loss.

Luckily, you’ll be able to fix your data yourself, as you’ll be able to take care of a virus attack on your computer. Malware if not dealt with, will spread like wild fire causing partial or complete damage to your important data. In each cases you’ll need proper tools.

This text explains your disk recovery choices just in case of a hard drive failure or data corruption. The top risk of losing data is due to files deletion, while not having any backups, it is very frustrating at times. Since updating files or deleting them are quite common activities and we do them nearly on a daily basis, that’s why we need tools to recover data at all times.

Wondershare Data Recovery Tool Software

Wondershare Data Recovery Tool is one of the best Tools out there for complete data recovery in case of any kind of hard Drive data loss. Wondershare Hard Drive Recovery tool ensues complete recovery for your Music, Documents, Emails, Archives, Images from your affected Hard Drive, USB drive and External Drive.

Wondershare Data Recovery Tool Software

Wondershare data Recovery tool is available for mac and Windows operating systems and offers very powers recovery modes such as deep scan and recovery and the support for over 550 file formats it can’t get any better. The interface is very easy and very interactive, with few click you will be able to recover your lost data in no time.

What Kind Of File Format You Can Recover With This Software

file support for lost data recovery

How To Recover Hardrive Data With Wondershare Data Recovery Tool

  1. After you have installed the software simply launch it, the first wizard screen will specify that you will have to answer 2 simple questions in order to recover your lost data from your Hard Drive. Click Next.
    (note: if you don’t want to use the wizard you can simply switch to standard mode)

Wondershare Install Instructions

  1. Right after you click next the wizard will ask you to specify what kind of files you want to recover here we have options for Photos, Mp3/Audio, Video, Office Document, Email, or simply All file type. For example, here we select MP3 audio files which were deleted from the drive few days back.Recover Lost Photos And File
  2. Now that you have specified the type of file you want to recover, you must specify the location in your hard Drive where you lost the specific files, in this window we have options for a specified location, External Removal Device, Recycle Bin, Desktop and My Documents if you don’t remember the location you can simply select “I can’t remember” or If you lost the partition from where you lost the files you can select “I can’t find my partitions.Wondershare Lost File Recover
  3. Here we have selected the location where we lost those mp3/audio files.Wondershare Data Lost Recover Software
  4. The Next window will ask you, if you want to enable Deep scan recovery mode, through this option you can recover the files which were lost through formatting along with complete folder structure. This is very useful mode, but it might take more time than normal recovery.

Lost Data Wondershare Software

  1. Right after you click start the Wondershare Data Recovery tool will start searching for your lost files.

Lost Data Recover Software

  1. In our case the Deleted MP3 files were found and displayed along with their title, Size and Health Status. When the files have been found simply select the file or multiple files through check box and click recover.

how to recover lost data

  1. You will need to specify the location where you want to recover lost files however you must make sure that you don’t save the files to the directory path where you lost them. Simply click recover and all of your lost files will be recovered to the specified folder.

tips for lost data

How to avoid data loss on hard drive Tips To Safe Your Important Data

Data loss is prevalent among most computer users in this digital world. As this is the case you must have heard the phrase prevention is better than cure. Yes, it is noble to prevent data loss rather than waiting for a disaster to strike then you begin going to the Internet and searching for data recovery software. Here are preventive measures you can observe to avoid data loss on your hard drive.

#1 Back up Your Files

It is vital to do a back up of your precious photos, videos and documents before formatting or partitioning your hard drives. It is simple. Do a copy of your files on another external storage media device although it might be misplaced any time. Therefore, the best solution is to back up them on iTunes or iCloud. From there you can just restore files from these storage services effortlessly.

#2 Inculcate Proper Workflow

When dealing with computers practice good working habits. Before clicking on delete button ensure that you really don’t need the file anymore.  Proper organisation of files reduces cases of files deletion.  Additionally, before emptying thrash or recycle bin ensure that you have previewed the files to avoid deletion of important files.

#3 Install anti-virus software

Virus is colossal damage to computers hard drives. There are different viruses that can manifest themselves on your computer especially if you are found of clicking links that you don’t know. It is thus important to install antivirus softwares that will curb virus attack or any malware attack.

#4 Keep off extreme temperatures

Too much of heat or cold damage the circuit of your drive leading to loss of data. Be careful and do not spill water or your coffee to your computer or else your world will change. Dust also can also affects the heat of hard drive circuit eventually leading to data loss.

#5 Use power surges

Power failure causes data failure. As result you should be smart and use power surges to prevent data loss.

Covering Post 🙂

So, This post cover all the information that you need to know about losing data and how you can make you important data safe and secures.Although there are many other recovery software like PowerDataRecovery Software also have grate recovery power to recover deleted files from you Hard drive.So if you think this post is helpful for other do share and help.

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