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Custom Scrollbar in WordPress

How to customize scrollbar style : Custom Scrollbar in WordPress

Custom Scrollbar CSS WordPress : Style Scrollbar Using CSS & Plugins Hello There,With CSS you can beautify your entire blog,Have you ever seen some WordPress blog using custom scrollbar? To match their blog looks, design and color they will customize the scrollbar. Adding custom scroll bar

How to Add Voice Search in Website or Blog

How to Add Voice Search in Website or Blog

How to Add Speech Search Or Speech Recognition  in your blog or Website This is rocking post.In this post you can find how you can add speech recognition to your website or blog.As we know when you open the Google website on your desktop computer and

wordpress vs blogger

WordPress vs Blogger Fight Between WordPress and BlogSpot

WordPress vs Blogger ( : Who is better for you ? In blogging carrier or as a newbie blogger it is always confused which platform to choose? Among the two popular or most famous blogging platform Blogger and WordPress. Which one is better or suits