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Custom Scrollbar in WordPress

How to customize scrollbar style : Custom Scrollbar in WordPress

Custom Scrollbar CSS WordPress : Style Scrollbar Using CSS & Plugins Hello There,With CSS you can beautify your entire blog,Have you ever seen some WordPress blog using custom scrollbar? To match their blog looks, design and color they will customize the scrollbar. Adding custom scroll bar

How to Speed Up Android Smart Phone

How to Speed Up Android Smart Phone

  Top 7 Tips To Increase Android Performance: Boost Your Android Smart Phone Hello there you when we buy new android, the performance was fast it ran without hangs. But after sometime it hanging and running slowly and performance like worst. Don’t worry this is

How to Add Voice Search in Website or Blog

How to Add Voice Search in Website or Blog

How to Add Speech Search Or Speech Recognition  in your blog or Website This is rocking post.In this post you can find how you can add speech recognition to your website or blog.As we know when you open the Google website on your desktop computer and

How to Delete the Useless Images in WhatsApp Automatically

How to Delete the Useless Images in WhatsApp Automatically

How to Remove the Useless Photos in your WhatsApp Automatically WhatsApp is probably the largest space corner on our mobile phones. We all have friends and relative who diligently forward us every single motivation quote and meme they’ve received from their own network. Some think

How to translate PDF online

How to Translate PDF and Word Documents online

Best Way To Translate PDF File Online & All Other Office File Format Say dad bought you a digital camera from Japan but the problem is that the PDF manual that came with the camera is also written in Japanese. How do you quickly translate that PDF

Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online

Top 10 Ways To Earn Money Online

Top Ten Ways to Earn Money Online Easy Ways To Become Millionaires Money is a wonderful creation of man. Every Single person need money to fulfil their basic need. Every one want to earn by do somewhat. Every single person has the fantasy to live independent life

how to increase jio 4g speed

How To Increase Reliance Jio 4G Speed

Tricks to Increase Reliance Jio 4G Speed Experience Real 4G When Reliance jio rolled out, it was available only on specific phones like Lyf & people were getting good speed in the range of 10-20 Mbps. I have even seen someone on Facebook who had downloaded